And here it goes the last episode of the PhotoStandard project.

I cannot tell how excruciatingly fun it was for me, how much it has been teaching me along the way.
This last part in particular was very hard to face.
Why? I do not know about where you live, but here in Italy you better be careful when you talk about bracco’s colours and faults, which is why I am not going to do it…sorry, we have tons of “enemies” already, don’t need to get some more, thank you very much! 🙂

If you missed Part 1 —-> PhotoStandard #1
If you missed Part 2 —-> PhotoStandard #2

Before I leave you to it, let me thank the dog-model Ulisse di Casamassima for being the amazing life companion he is, for loving me besides the all photo-shooting thing, Antonio Casamassima for always being my mentor and the Bracco Italiano Society of America for choosing and publishing the PhotoStandard on their website.
I hope it will be helpful to you as much as it was to me.

Thank you!

Tough but elastic: fine on the head, the throat, the armpits and the lower parts of the body.
The visible pigmentation must be of a corresponding colour with the coat, and never show black spots.
The pigmentation of the mouth is pink; in the roans or white and chestnut coloured dogs they sometimes show brown or light chestnut spotting.

bracco italiano mouth


Short, dense and glossy, fine and shorter on the head, the ears, front part of the legs and feet.

White; white with patches of varied size of an orange or more or less dark amber colour, white speckled with pale orange, i.e. orange roan;

White with more or less large bown patches, white speckled with brown, i.e. liver roan.

in this last combination, a metallic sheen is appreciated, and a warm shade of brown is preferred, recalling the colour of a monk’s frock.

A symmetrical facial mask is preferred but the absence of a mask is tolerated.


Size & Weight
Height at the withers between 55-67 cm.
Preferred size for males: 58-67 cm.
Preferred size for females: 55-62 cm.

Weight between 25 and 40 kg depending on size.

Only functional and clinically healthy dogs with breed typical conformation, should be used for breeding.
Males animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog and on its ability to perform its traditional work.


Excessive amount of skin causing an exaggerated dewlap or an un-divided dewlap and too many wrinkles on the head

An upturned tail is higly undesirable

Accentuated undershot mouth

prognatismo prognatism

Size 2 cm above or below the standard height at the withers.

taglia bracco italiano


Aggressive or overly shy dogs.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified

Split nose,

Convergence of cranial-facial axes,


Monorchidism & Cryptorchidism

Wall eye *,

occhi gazzuoli bracco italiano colore occhi standard

The regular eye colour for a bracco is “a more or less dark ochre or brown colour“, wall eye (when a dog has one blue eye and one brown or amber eye) is extremely rare in this breed, however according to the Italian Standard: yellow, yellow-green, grey and light blue eyes are a fault too.


enognatismo enognatism

Absence of pigmentation (albinism),

Black coat,

bracco italiano colour black standard
White & black,

bracco italiano black and white colour standard

bracco italiano coat colour tricolour standard

[just a patriotic example of the countless combinations of colours]




Tan markings,

Pigmentation of skin and annexes with traces of black


Introducing the Bracco Italiano: Photo-Standard #1

Introducing the Bracco Italiano: Photo-Standard #2

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